Samuel Kee Samuel Kee

Sam’s mission as a writer and communicator is to rid the world of hopelessness.  He grew up in a rural part of Northeastern Ohio in a family of artists, rebuilding wrecked cars with his dad, writing poetry with his mom, painting with his sisters, and wrestling with his brother.  He loves to use mundane experiences as windows to God, like turning a car repair into a metaphor for human suffering. People note Sam’s creativity, depth, and passion, but he knows that it’s really his unsettled longing to help others realize that they are loved. 

Sam is a pastor, author, chaplain, and blogger, and is working on a forthcoming book about the gospel.  He is also involved in other initiatives that seek to bring light into dark places, like Mission L.O.V.E., Brick by Brick, Christ Together, and Follow My L7fe.  When he’s not having fun with his family or hanging out with the students of North Suburban Church, he’s probably at a coffee shop reading the poetry of George Herbert!

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