Rima Jbara

Rima Jbara's mission statement is to continue exploring the depth in a woman’s psychic, as she writes about women’s rage and rebellion.

About Rima:- Born Rima Jbara in 1979, spent most of her childhood writing, and by the time she was 14, her first novel was released. Through her writing, Rima has given her readers a rare glimpse into her obscure world.

The author released her evocative novel ‘Hope’ after five years of hiatus and obsessive ness, and says, “I took time to experiment.” It contained gloomy and bitter self-conscious thoughts and dialogues that cemented Rima as a writer that gone very deep to discover the inner most emotions in women and the ability to penetrate their souls.

She wrote her bleak novels-on paper in shadowy rooms which only emphasizes the extreme infatuation of her art. An unconventional drama queen, Rima, without an end declares her own death will comply while writing.

Deeply troubled characters were created by Rima, and the writer obliviously lives her own characters depending on her mood swings. The complexity in these characters arises from Rima herself.

Rima’s life was tailor-made for her writing and sustains its passion in the pages; but she is best, when writing about herself.

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