Rick Wicker

Rick has been a singer-songwriter for over 40 years. During that time he has released 7 albums and has written hundreds of songs. In the quest to write better songs Rick worked in the music business in Nashville for nearly 20 years. Through daily exposure and interaction with great songwriters and artists much was learned about the inside art of songwriting. Rick has had many songs signed by leading industry publishers. He was chosen from thousands of songwriters to perform at the Sue Brewer Fund Showcase sponsered by The Songwriters Guild of America. Rick is a recording engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He is still writing and has many songs signed with various licensing agencies. For a sampling of his songs please visit www.RickWickerSongs.com

Rick recently added the title of author by his name by publishing his first book "Song Ideas : 3,000 Titles, Phrases and Hooklines".  This book was nearly 40 years in the making and offers all songwriters fresh ideas for creative inspiration.

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