Raymond L Balogh

Raymond L. Balogh, Jr. was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He graduated from Valparaiso Law School, served as a Superior Court clerk, and operated a law practice before returning to his first love: writing. He published over 500 articles for The Truth, the daily newspaper for Elkhart, Indiana. He retired as a reporter to work for the City of Elkhart's municipal administration in various capacities. In November, 2006, he relocated to Gulfport, Mississippi to direct a camp for Katrina relief volunteers. He is working on several other books and publications, including a book of monologues of Biblical characters who encountered Christ, a commentary on the Gospel of John, a syndicated column on historic milestones, and several compilations of original word puzzles. His interests include vintage base ball, softball, chess, crossword puzzles, reading, and travel. His loyalty for Cleveland sports teams is inherited, and he enthusiastically supports the Indians

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