R.S. Vern

R.S. Vern is the creator of the book trilogy: Haee and the other middlings.

She is often described as an oddly conflicted soul. Constantly torn between the challenges of saving the world and the reality of making a living, she calls herself a middling – urbanised, bored, and most of the time confused.

R.S. Vern enjoys coffee exchanges on concepts of being an acceptable human being. Instead of writing as herself, she feels that it is less brutal to see life through the eyes of a cat.

Haee is a real cat living in her home. At the time this book was written, Haee was 8 years old.

R.S. Vern is the winner of IndieReader Discovery Awards 2013 for the 1st book of this trilogy series.

Also known as Vernice Chua, she is the founder of Middling Industries.

Middling Industries is the publisher of trilogy series "Haee and the other middlings" by R.S. Vern.

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