Pico Triano

Pico grew up in Fenwick, Ontario, Canada, a small village west of Niagara Falls. Four years earning a Bachelor of Arts in Southern California were only the beginning of his travels. He has lived at numerous addresses across Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Currently he, his French-Canadian sweetheart and their five children call Moncton, New Brunswick home.

Writing is just part of his life. He still works full time in a call centre and has ambitions of operating a small woodturning business once he managed to find accommodations where a woodshop would not be an issue. In his youth he was involved in sports and played basketball and volleyball. He is still an avid cyclist using his bike to commute daily to work.

He does have a writing blog called “From Pico’s Pen” and is delighted to have visitors interested in the inside scoop on his writing. Web address is http://picosplace-pico.blogspot.ca/ 

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