Peter Jessop

A freelance writer, based in Melbourne, Australia where he was born and raised, Peter Jessop commenced his career at St. Martins Theatre, before proceeding to work in the production field of mini TV series and feature Films, and finally progressing to screenplay writing.


His passion for creativity stems from a young age and led him to writing his first novel “A God Named Joe” published in the UK in 2006.   “The Gods of War” is his second novel which came from an idea planted in his head years ago by an old war veteran, and which wouldn’t go away until he had finally put it to paper.  It revolves around a wounded soldier suffering amnesia who is haunted by disjointed memories of ancient and future wars in which he took part, and which causes him to fear for his sanity.


Superbly compiled and written, as one would expect from such an experienced and talented writer, this tale not only feeds the imagination, but gives much food for thought as well as having extremely high entertainment value.  Despite its concentration on the subject of War it is so vividly colourful and grippingly arousing that it is of appeal to both the male and female reader.


This is a wonderful book produced from the pen of a splendidly creative writer of whom we hope to see much, much more in the future.

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