Paul Owen

For the past 22 years Paul Owen has been involved in research and development focusing on artificial intelligence software language development.

During this time he has coheaded a group of programmers and scientists that have made significant developments in artificial intelligence (AI) software.

To demonstrate the advanced abilities of the AI software, Dean’s Law Dictionary was created as the first true example of how an “artificial person” could be created and be able to think as good or better than humans.

Dean’s Law Dictionary is simply the output of an “artificial person” defining all words used in all legal cases. The command is extremely simple: “Define all words used in all legal cases.” We input a large database of cases into the program and it defines all the words as they are used precisely in those cases. It excels extremely well at defining idiomatic concepts of the law. The only human interface is used for product layout and limitation of the scope of the work product.

If you want, you can go to the website for Dean’s ( and download a copy of the dictionary. It is free to use for 3 days. Look at the complexity of its definitions for such difficult idiomatic terms such as nuisance, felony murder, insanity, proximate cause, mens rea, and negligence. If you happen to have a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary, the alleged premier law dictionary, please open it and compare our AI work product to their human work product. All of our definitions and sub-definitions are case excerpts, which define the complex idiomatic terms. All of them were discovered by the AI “artificial person.”

Recently, Paul has been focusing on deployment of complex problem solving and predictive trend modeling applications. These results have created programs and models to solve many of the complex problems facing our society today. The solutions for health care, and the banking crisis are amazing simple and easy to implement even with the vast corruption present  in our current form of government.

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