Patrick OKeefe

My name is Patrick O’Keefe. I’m a writer, web developer, entrepreneur and community administrator who has been professionally developing websites since 1998 and managing online communities since 2000. Beyond just being the administrator, however, I’ve spent substantial amounts of time contributing to communities from all angles, as a member, staff member and owner.

I founded and own the iFroggy Network, an Internet network featuring several communities, including,,, and Drawing on my experience, I speak at conferences and events about online community, social media and more.

Besides writing content for the entire iFroggy Network, I have actively written editorials, news pieces, and product reviews for several websites of varying interests, including SitePoint, where I was a long time Advisor (moderator) in the SitePoint Forums. I write for multiple blogs, including,, and Bad Boy Blog, and I maintain a personal blog. You can follow me on Twitter @iFroggy.

I wrote the foreword for Building Online Communities with phpBB, the first book ever published about phpBB, and served as a technical reviewer for the book. I was also a reviewer for Volume I: Foundations and Volume II: Applications of the PHP Anthology and for the book Blog Marketing.

I currently reside in Harbinger, North Carolina.

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