Patrick Cunningham

My name is Patrick Cunningham and this is my first book After Midnight volume one. I have been writing fiction/horror since i was only 11 years old. I always remember how it all began. I was only eight years old and one day while on my way home from school I was approached by a very tall heavy set man in his late 40's. He stopped to ask me if I knew the location of a castle in my home town. A castle that had a reputation for being HAUNTED!!!

I told him the way but i noticed he was carrying something in his left hand. It looked like a Geiger counter for the want of a better description. Of course my curiosity kicked in and I asked him what it was for. He told me he was a Professor from the university of Boston and he was in Ireland researching the old castles. He was a "Ghost Hunter" and the tales he told me of the things he had witnessed triggered my imagination there and then. I was always told by my parents that Ghosts were not real, but here I was after talking to this man, a professor an educated man and he believed in ghosts. So it was after that I became fascinated with the supernatural, paranormal and the occult. I watched horror movies and read horror novels and of course they had to be by Alfred Hitchcock and the grand master himself Stephen king.

A few years later I was sitting down doing my home work one night when all of a sudden I started to write a story, and the characters of Ben, Rodger, Jackie, and Sarah were born. The stories just poured out of me and no matter how hard i tried to keep them from coming out it was no good. For nearly three years I wrote of their adventures, until one night in my early teens I just threw them in a corner and forgot about them.

Until earlier this year I discovered them and by discovering them I also rediscovered my self
. I read them for my fiance and her kids and they loved them and encouraged me to get them published and so I did. I sat at my computer for four months and re-wrote the stories. They were written by a ten year old boy and when you read the book you will notice the teenage mind frame that runs throughout the book. Those stories are now called After Midnight volume one. I still have ideas for other stories and those ideas are going to become After Midnight volume two....


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