Nikki Michelle

Nikki-Michelle resides in Metro- Atlanta, Georgia by way of Mississippi. Carried by her love of reading, she begin writing at the early age of 12 and has been on a journey of "trying" to pen the perfect novel ever since (she's still working on that). She is one half of the host and CEO for the internationally known blog talk radio show Seriously Sensual and is in the process of continuing her education. She is a married mother of two and an avid reader. Her love of writing and wanting to create stories of love, hurt, drama, and real life situations is what inspires her to continue on her on journey to pen the perfect novel (she's still working on that). You can catch her works in the previously released anthologies 'If Only For One Night' and 'Full Figured 3'. Her future works include anthology 'Girls From Da Hood 7' and 'Tell Me No Secrets'. Both set to be release in May and July of 2012 respectfully. Take a walk with me through the realms of my mind. You may hate me for the invite later. *Teeheeee*

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