Neil A Mence

Neil was born in New Zealand but has lived most of his life in Canada. He now makes his home in Europe.

He has studied at City University, London, England (archaeology, architecture & languages); University of  Western Ontario, Canada (economics, political sience & philosophy); & Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand (zoology, geology & chemistry). Neil is an accredited councellor & has a master 's degree in religious studies.

Starting his working life as a newspaper reporter  first in England & then in Canada, Neil worked for the Canadian Federal Government for several years before forming his own international business managment & strategic consulting company.

Combining more than 30 years experience in the corporate world & new thought arenas of North America, Australia & Europe, Neil offers life coaching & educational programs to assist individuals & coporations realise their true potential.

"To me, life is all about going beyond limits, following your bliss, & achieving your goals. It's sad that many people seem to be stuck, afraid to make goals or to take that first step. In fact, some seem to spend their entire life looking for that first  step.

"I believe that is where I can help. As well as being a published author, speaker & teacher, I am a trained counsellor. I've advised & mentored CEO's & senior managers in the business world, as well as leading political figures in the public arena. I love helping people find their own answers to that age-old question "What's life all about" & to assist them in understanding that happiness is not something out there to be achieved, but is an inner flame just waiting to be revealed".

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