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Dear Reader, 

Personally, I never read introductions. I usually skip right away to the “real stuff”. This is why this one is short and brief and if you feel like skipping it – go ahead.

We live a materialistic life that is driven by reason

All of us seek a reason; we hardly do anything just because it feels good. We like familiarity, patterns and a routine environment, otherwise we would need to face the unfamiliar and the unknown. No one changes unless they see the price and most of the time they do not want to pay. Not only would change be uncomfortable but sometimes even threatening.  Everything in life is relational; based on something in relation to something else. If you say you are tired, then you must know how it feels to be rested. This book series is about how everything relates to everything else and how it all …has a relationship with itself.

During our lives, we strive to understand how to achieve what is right for us. However, there is an overwhelming chaos in everything around us that creates tension and disarray that makes us forget how to use our Emotional Guidance. The Conversation with Self series will show you tools and methods to help you get in touch with yourself and become who you really are. It will present you with the choices, but it is up to you to reach for the one that resonates with you. Only reach for the ones that feel good. Doing, thinking, imagining, dreaming and believing things that make you feel powerless is willingly making you unhappy, and finally, sick. Don’t become your mother or your father or your whomever is impressing you. Find out who you are and feel good about this.

When you get yourself in the corner and don’t know how to get out, when you want to feel better but have no idea which way will be better – this is the book series you should reach for. The books will show you that you know the answer to your own questions.

The book series does not stand for anything in particular, but it believes in everything that makes you feel better without imposition on anyone else. It teaches you how to stand independently in life yet still be part of everything. It explores all of the teachings available and presents some of them with a summarized, clear explanation – so you can make the choice that is right for you, at the time you are making it.


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