Natalee Henry

As a Bible scholar, teacher and published author, through the power of the Holy Spirit Natalee teaches the word of God in a practical and simple way. She shares the word of God demonstrating how to apply Biblical principles to everyday life.
      Natalee received a Diploma of Practical Theology from International Seminary Theological School. She has served in various Children, Youth, and Evangelism Ministries.
     Natalee has a passion for evangelism and teaching the Word of God.  Her desire is to share with others the Word of God in a simple and practical way that even a two year old can understand. Her goal is to “empower you to make the right decisions in life” through the Word of God.

In this work, Natalee shares that God has predestined us to be great men and women. Encourages us to discover the destiny God designed for us, the necessary tools to embrace our destiny, the process to embrace our destiny, and how to stand strong while waiting to embrace our destiny.

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