Misha Crews

I have always loved stories!  When I was very young my father used to tell me stories to keep me entertained when we traveled, even if it was just on the bus ride to the zoo.  When I got older, my mother (bless her) coaxed me away from the television and into reading by offering to pay me two cents a page of my picture books!  Well, of course I was hooked before I'd earned enough to buy a pack of gum, and when I got older I realized that not only could I fall in love with stories created by others, I create my own stories to fall in love with!  September of 2008 brought the culmination of a lifelong dream when my first novel, Homesong, was published by Vanilla Heart Publishing.  My second novel, Still Waters, will be out this summer.  Now that I am finally telling my own stories, I hope you find yourself falling in love with them!

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