Michael McGrinder

I am a veteran of Off-Off-Broadway's early (sometimes referred to as "golden") years. As a playwright and / or director, I can account for about a hundred productions, probably more. I am now writing a book about my involvement in that extraordinary time, and I publish plays from the era, before they are lost to us forever, under the aegis of The Old Reliable Press http://www.oldreliablepress.com. In addition to my blogspot page michaelmcgrinderwriter, I have wordpress blog http://www.michaelmcgrinder.com.

Some background. Born in NYC, grew up in the South Bronx, lived awhile in England where I was involved in the poetry scene. Do the names Jeff Nuttall and Bob Cobbing mean anything to you? On returning to New York became involved in Off-Off-Broadway, first as a playwright, then also as a director. Was co-founder of Proscenium: The Theatre Newsletter and host of the cable tv show Proscenium Now publish The Old Reliable Press, specializing in publishing and preserving plays from early Off-Off before they're lost to us forever. Hope to get them online soon. In addition to the plays and my poetry book, I have plans to publish a novella along with some short stories, a mystery novel, and a memoir about my involvement with Off-Off-Broadway. I live in the Hell's Kitchen section of New York where I continue to write and enjoy meeting, literally, a world of remarkable people online.

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