Mercedes Keyes

African American female, mix. I come from a very multicultural background. Happily married, mother of 3 children, step-mother of 5 by my husband. Together, he and I have 9 grandsons and another on the way.

I'm a writer of quality interracial fiction drama. My first novel ended up as a trilogy, which Princess Ces'alena was the start of. The Webster Fields trilogy, book two, Gold Raven, book three, Family Reunion. Other works are, Aphrodisiac - and the gradual released volumes of The Beauty of Man and Woman - our online drama series that is now up to Series 13, Episode 98, Chapter 269. We are now placing those into volumes.

I currently live in England with my South Yorkshire born husband. He is my partner in writing, excels as a script doctor and details man, and has an incredible singing voice! Together we're building what we hope to be a multimedia mecca on the Internet to bring interracial stories, dramas, romances, living and lifestyle up from the gutter where it's been for far too long - it is now life - no longer ... taboo.

Book(s) By Mercedes Keyes

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