Mary Melrose

M-J Melrose is a YA Fantasy and Mythology RetoldWriter who is inspired by Ancient Mythological creatures, Gods and Goddesses. Like twists, these YA books will twist your head off YA Blogger and Article Writer. Cross Promotes With other Authors and Writers in the Young Adult Sector. YA Blog Writer, YA Author SEO and YA Author Cross Promoter. M-J Melrose is the Author of an exciting new book set: The Star Maiden which is being released in 2016 M-J Melrose is the sole owner of the website Read Magical Books. The site is regularly updated with a variety of articles and blog posts promoting other authors in the same YA niche. When not promoting other Authors, M-J Melrose writes about articles targeted at the teenage reader. M-J Melrose mainly lives in Scotland, she sees here as her first home. However due to her husbands job she moves around a lot. At the moment she is based between Germany and Scotland. Come the summer of 2015 she will be on the move again and moving to South England. Mary loves travelling, reading lots of fictional books with magical worlds and mythical creatures. She gained a BA (Hons) Degree in Textile Design and Buisness. After University she built a career working in Buying and Merchandising. She adores modern and fantasy art. Before Mary writes she creates artistic storyboards for inspiration on characters and world building.

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