Mary Hitchcock Cone

Mary Hitchcock Cone is a fiction writer specializing in short stories and mystery novels. She began her writing career in mid-life while working for San Francisco Supervisor William C. Blake and later in the environmental field on staff with the Trust for Public Land and Nature Conservancy. In 1997 Mary joined a Marin County–based writing group inspired by author Anne Lamott, whose members meet weekly to share and critique their original fiction works. Mary was married for fifty-three years to the late Russell Cone, a journalist for the San Francisco Examiner, and raised two daughters. She instilled in her children a strong creative spirit founded on the idea that living a life of meaning is an art — that each choice, each risk, each moment of love and understanding  is a colorful brush stroke on a ever evolving self portrait. She has traveled to Europe, across the U.S., and throughout California. Mary currently resides in Sacramento, California.

Book(s) By Mary Hitchcock Cone

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