Mary Foley

Mary Foley is a national thought leader for women, with a reputation for her spunk and experience. Fresh out of college, Mary set aside her hard-earned engineering degree, to search for a career that she loved. She took a job as an $8 an hour customer service representative at a then-unknown computer startup America Online. During AOL's hyper-growth, Mary was promoted four times, and she survived six layoffs, to become AOL's first head of Corporate Training, all while dealing with a difficult marriage. During those years she learned that being bold, positive, and courageous ? bodacious ? was the only way to thrive in today's world. But her rapid rise through the ranks at AOL came to a sudden end, when she hit the glass ceiling. Not satisfied to settle, Mary made the bodacious decision to leave AOL and build her career another way. Through her writing, speaking, Bodacious Woman's Club (, Business Success For Her offerings (, and more, Mary inspires women to be bodacious in life, career, and business. Rather than CEO or President of her company Bodacious! Ventures, Mary proudly refers to herself as Woman in Charge. She holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Virginia Tech and a master's degree in organization development from Pepperdine University.

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