Mark Boone

Mark Boone was born in a small country town only a few hours outside of Atlanta, Ga. He discovered his natural love and ability of writing early in life. During the premature years of adolescence he won his first poetry award presented to him by no other than Soap Oprah superstar Victoria Rowell. He states, "Wow, I will never forget that defining moment. After she presented me with my certificate, she then leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. I was so excited that I didn't wash my face for the next two days." From that moment, it was clear to Mark that his destiny was writing books.

Many years later, he joined the Marine Corps in which led him to Southern California. After a successful four year tour of duty serving his country, he decided to become a licensed Realtor for the state of California. He has practiced real estate, loan originating, and financial services for 10 years now. During that time he has played a major role in the development and success of other companies and firms. Now he is in the process of building his own Corporation, a Book Publicity Firm that will be launched later this year.

Throughout the many years of tackling the business world head on, he has never lost focus of his true destiny. He has continually developed his natural craft of writing and storytelling into a work of art. He is now working on his fourth book, releasing the first one this year. Mark has always been a visionary, an innovator, a go-getter well before his time. He has also created his own style of writing, called a Script Book that will surely become a revolutionary phenomenon within the literary marketplace.

Tyranny of Evil Men is a Script Book Edition. A Script Book is a hybrid of a script and a book. Author Mark Boone created such a writing style in order to give his readers more of a "movie-like" experience while reading the novel. After reading a great book, many readers always say, "Wow, that was a great book. I can't wait to see the movie!" Well, a Script Book puts the movie in the palm of your hands.


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