Mark Beyer

I enjoy books that take me into the lives of characters whom I might want to have been, or never in my dreams want to walk in their shoes. These are the kinds of stories I write, as well. Story to me is all about the characters, and I want to read authors who take care to bring their characters alive; I fire any book that cannot do this within 10 pages. Sorry, not worth my time!

Hello, my name is Mark Beyer. I write novels. Good ones.

Readers shall discover that my stories track the nuances of experience. People interested in reading strong fiction will quickly notice a common purpose among its writers: we work to understand the character of men and women in contemporary society. My first novel, THE VILLAGE WIT (2010), and the follow-up, WHAT BEAUTY (2012), explore the nexus between art and life, relationships and betrayal, work and diversion. Whether you think a little or a lot about these pairs, they play through portions of our lives on a scale that surpasses the otherwise banal moments we might often ascribe to “life”.

My motto is “read, live, write.”

I once lived in middle-America, in Chicago. Now I reside in Europe. It’s a pleasant continent.

My walls are adorned with two writing awards—for short story writing (Columbia University Scholastic Competition, 1998) and news features (Florida Association of News Publications, 2004). Today, as the top-selling author for Siren & Muse Publishing, I'm drawing attention to small-press publishers, where people work to make strong literature not merely survive, but thrive.

I'm writing a new novel about the lives of Max and Greta, married 40 years and wondering what's it all been worth; meanwhile I continue to blog at about books, writing, and social media. My first novel, THE VILLAGE WIT, is the story of Richard Bentley, an American who owns a bookstore in the English Cotswolds, a hilly, picturesque land NW of London. Bentley is escaping his past failures with women, most recently his wife of 13 years, and hiding from his memories, which find him, most nights. When he hires a local townswoman, Peggy White, neither thinks anything much of the other. But then they see one another in a different light, and things start to happen.

In my newest novel, WHAT BEAUTY, the narrator, Minus Orth, is a sculptor living in NYC, who crosses paths with a bag lady whom he recognizes from the past. He doesn't know her, but he's read her famous books on art criticism and American society. He develops a tenuous relationship with her, while, at the same time, he is searching for a new project; something he has never thought about before, a project that could change his life. As these two stories converge, the question about identity, art, and ego play more roles than either of them could imagine.

Feel free to contact me about reading and writing. I enjoy corresponding with new people and creative minds.

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