Marc Warnke

Marc's interest in the entrepreneurial world began when he was 8, and by the age 22, he was well on his way to a successful career in business. For the next 15 years he adapted and developed business principles and applied them so successfully that when his first child was nine months old, he was able to semi-retire and become a full-time spouse and parent. He had created the time and money to put his family first.

Marc then decided he wanted to teach others about entrepreneurism and creating work/life balance, so he came out of retirement and ONO is the result of that decision. However, as he wrote the book, he discovered that it was really a stepping stone to another higher purpose for him, that of helping bring parents back to their children by helping them become Family First Entrepreneurs as well. So Marc trains and speaks on a limited schedule. So, as he continues his commitment to his wife and his sons, he also helps families and companies learn and apply the principles of ONO.

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