Mansi Tejpal

Mansi Tejpal is a bilingual poet who pens poems both in Hindi and English. Her dreamlike, yet profound writing compelled the renowned publisher, to publish her first book of poems in English; Drizzling Dreams; which got a 5 Star Rating from a Reader's Favourite which has previously reviewed for the likes of Stephanie Meyer and Nicholas Sparks.

Also a famed contributor to the website Allpoetry, her soulful thoughts, expressed in winged words, speak her heart. Her writing makes it difficult to remember, yet easy to forget oneself. Just the way its easy to disbelieve that Tejpal is only in the 18th year of her life.

"Drizzling Dreams was an unexpected gem from a promising young talent, whose work I would definitely seek out and read again in the future."- K.C. Finn, Reader's Favourite®

Book(s) By Mansi Tejpal

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