MaDonna Awotwi

MaDonna Awotwi (Sankofa ThePoet) is first generation Ghanaian born American, considered a hoarder of useless information, Connector of words, observer of the seemingly unrelated and a Verbal Engineer.

Her passionate love affair with poetry began at a young age, her mother purchased her a book of poetry ‘Ego Trippin’ by Nikki Giovanni, and a spark was lit that will blaze until her last poignant thought is written with the last stroke of her hand. 

MaDonna can also be described as, articulate, passionate, thoughtful, quick-witted, hardworking, and determined. Asides from her passion as a poet MaDonna is a mother of two boys who she’s tries very hard to train up in the way a child should go. She has recently published her first book of poetry ‘Life on a Chocolate Canvas.’ And her debut novel ‘Devyne Envy.’ Is slated to be released on e-book and paperback in early 2011.

Under her stage name Sankofa ThePoet; MaDonna is currently the co-host of a very successful open mic in Harrisburg, Pa Denm Inc presents The Den, and She has performed two live art performances under artist Nataki McNeal Bhatti ; Indigenous Vernacular and If this Art Could Talk. The concept of her stage name Sankofa ThePoet is taken from the Adinkra symbol and word SANKOFA. This derived from King Adinkra of the Akan people of West Africa. SANKOFA is expressed in the Akan language as "se wo were fi na wosan kofa a yenki."Literally translated it means "it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot"."Sankofa" teaches us that we must go back to our roots in order to move forward. 
Many hat wearer, word enthusiast, dictionary aficionado, avid practitioner of the spirit of Sankofa- MaDonna 

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