Mac Logan

A ‘son of the manse’ I lived in North America as a child; in Canada, the Mid-west and ultimately Washington DC before returning to the UK. I am British and Scottish and have a strong affinity for Americans.

After a somewhat spotty school career, I did various jobs including time as a shepherd on the island of Mull. I became a middle manager in an engineering company at the age of twenty-three. By twenty-six I ran a training group of 20 SME manufacturing companies with over 30 locations. When I was thirty I joined a UK national multiple retailer and manufacturer as Head of HR. 

Next I started my own company as a business advisor, organisation/team development and change specialist. I worked extensively in the public and private sectors, blue chip to small enterprise. I was frequently hired by organisations to troubleshoot people and team problems.

Finally I founded and became CEO of an IT firm. I left after eight years and became a writer, business advisor, non-executive director and member of a charity that provides advocacy support for people with learning difficulties.

I've known good times, hard times and have travelled a bit. 

Some first-hand experience of wasteful, inept and self-serving procurement practices in the public sector, with concerning press reports of uncontrolled costs and minimal accountability, provided inspiration for The Angels’ Share

I have witnessed opportunistic exploitation and stunning incompetence, by both public and private sector people and organisations in both national and local government. This begs a question, why is incompetence and self-serving abuse being allowed to continue? 

In addition to The Angels' Share series, I have two other writing projects in-hand. One is a Celtic spiritual warrior adventure story, set in Roman times, with preliminary research and writing begun.

I have written many published articles focused on business.

The next book in the Sam Duncan series, DarkArt, will be published in autumn 2012.

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