Lynda Coker

“Romance...the Way You Dream It”

I live in the rolling hills of Norteast Texas with my favorite alpha-male, my husband of 44 years. We have two children, five grandchildren, and two great granddaughters. 

After retiring from my secular profession as a photographic and digital artist, I decided to start a second career. This time, my focus was not on making a living, but on following a dream. Always a voracious reader, I decided to try writing the type of stories I loved to read. With the attitude that "It's Never Too Late,” I made a five year plan to become published. Five years later, to the month, I realized my goal.

I love to write the character driven stories that speak to the "Princess" in my heart and the "Warrior" in my soul.

When I’m having trouble with one of those stubborn alpha males or reluctant heroines, I like to take a break from my writing and play with my fabric. I hate too much pre-plotting in writing and too much structure in sewing. I love to let the fabric’s mood, feel, color, smell, and the play of light determine what I’ll make that day.

One thing is for sure. I AM NEVER BORED.


Title: The Ocean Between

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

ISBN: 1-60154-424-3

Available in: Print/eBook

Author’s Locality: Barron’s Book Store, Longview, Texas

Kudos for The Ocean Between:

First Place Winner in The Heart of Denver’s 2006 “Molly” Contest.

Third Place Winner in Toronto Canada’s Golden Opportunity Contest


“I cheered for the couple and I cried for them. Such emotion is truly only wrought from a wizard with words and storytelling.”  Review posted at Mindy’s Minding Spot Blog

“This is a book that will remain on my shelf to be re-read!” Review posted at My Guilty Pleasures Blog

“I found myself laughing, angry at times and even crying because the book is that good. I was so engrossed in the story that I found myself thinking and wondering what was going to happen next when I was not reading it.” Review posted at My Not So Hurried Life Blog.

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