Lise Cartwright

Do What You Love--Figure Things Out... For The Price of a Chai Latte!"

Getting your hands on quality, actionable information shouldn't be pricey. It should be accessible and not be a road block to you achieving what you want out of life. What you need (and what Lise provides) are tips and tricks to get your 'side hustle' up and running so that you can do what you love... and start your new and successful freelancing business the right way.

Lise writes her books for time-poor entrepreneurs and new freelancers looking for actionable information to help them move forward in their business, whether they are just starting out or need help moving forward. 

What separates Lise from other digital publishers is her no-nonsense 'voice' that speaks to you as if she was sitting down having a coffee right there with you. She never promises anything unachievable and always delivers step-by-step plans and strategies that allow you to implement things quickly. 

In her spare time, Lise LOVES to buy shoes, travel, read, and stalk people on Twitter and Facebook.

Her favorite saying is "Thoughts become things... so choose the good ones!" by Mike Dooley. 

She is optimistically positive and drives her Australian husband insane with her nutty ideas and 'glass half full' outlook on life...

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