Linda Asato

Linda Asato biography


Linda grew up in the Canadian woodlands on the banks of a friendly river, waking to the sounds of a bird choir and sawmill whine. Encouraged by her teacher, she began to write poetry at the age of 9, and later on applied her pen to writing stories.


She attended University in Edmonton, Alberta majoring in Horticulture and got her Bachelor of Science Degree. From this and from working in her mother’s garden, she developed a love for gardening.


She has spent over 25 years working with children of all ages, much of that on a private ranch boarding school and there wrote educational material for the school including a phonics reading program.


For the past 4 years she has been editing the writing of others and ghost writing. Some of her ghost writing include books on getting out of debt, mortgage traps, and credit reports and credit score.


Her hobbies include writing, playing piano and composing music, photography, and gardening.

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