Kishor Kulkarni

I was born and brought up in a fairly conservative brahmin family in a small town, living a typical god fearing life till my early youth. Later, I moved to the metropolitan city of Mumbai (India) to do my graduation in technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, a premier technology institute in India. Through my career, I lived in many different places interacting with many different people of widely varying thinking. As such, I may concede that by virtue of my education and profession, I must have changed significantly from a god fearing child and teenager to  a “rational intellectual adult”, such as they come in the modern times! So, I never thought I would ever become a serious spiritual seeker.

But then, I had an encounter with my brother's guru and that transformed me! Since then, I engaged myself in a little bit of meditation and gradually got more and more interested in spiritual pursuit. I was even able to hang up my boots in the year 2005 to “retire” at a premature age of 53 years to focus more on spirituality. Eventually, in the year 2006, I received “deeksha” from my guru who also belongs to the same “guru parampara” ( a lineage of gurus belonging to a particular spiritual sect) and is a current “uttaradhikaari” (next heir in the line of guru parampara) of the lineage along with my brother’s guru.

I am just an ordinary seeker. I have no claims to any scholarly knowledge in the subject of spirituality, scriptures or writings of great philosophers and thinkers. However, I was blessed by the Almighty with a sustained desire to study Shrimad Bhagawad Geeta which is the best spiritual philosophy in the Indian tradition. I read and reread the commentary non pareil on it, called Shri Jnaneshwari or Bhaavaarth Deepika by one of the greatest Indian saints, Sant Shri Jnaneshwar Maharaj. My understanding of spirituality comes totally from my reading of Shri Jnaneshwari and the related literature / discourses by our guru lineage.


I had been regularly posting my spiritual musings as blogs on the Speaking Tree website of Times Group of India. Also, more than 20 spiritual articles of mine have been published by one of the leading daily newspapers of India, The Times of India, in its column on spirituality titled Speaking Tree.

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