Julian Lowenfeld

Reverence for Russian Literature runs deep in Julian Lowenfeld's family. His great-grandfater, Raphael Lowenfeld, St. Petersburg correspondent for the newspaper Berliner Tagesblatt, was the first translator of Leo Tolstoy's works into German, and the author and editor of Conversations with and about Tolstoy, a literary interview/biography of the novelist. He also founded Berlin's celebrated Schiller Theater.
About 100 years later Julian began studying Russian literature at Harvard University.  He wrote his honors thesis on Andrey Bely's masterpiece, Petersburg, under the direction of Professor Donald Fanger, and then studied Russian literature at Leningrad State University and continues his studies today with noticed Puskin scholar Nadyezhda Braginskaya.  A graduate of New York University School of Law, he is a practicing trial lawyer in New York City, specializing in Federal cases and the defense of intellectual property.  Other recent works include a full-length musical play, Thanksgiving, a lyrical-dramatic exploration of first love, conflicted family relationships and coming and age, and Nonetheless, a book of love poems, meditations and translations. The world premiere in English of Puskin's Little Tragedies in Lowerfeld's verse translated was staged in November 2009 at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York.

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