Joyce GodwinGrubbs

Author of the Greyhound Lady Walking series, I have nine books on Amazon Kindle Ebooks and three in print.. Mystery and romance/suspense books, they take real cases from my years of working with law enforcement and victims, and fictionalize them into powerful stories allowing the reader to walk on the wild side in the shadow world many never experience..

I am also a published photo/journalist and wrote news commentary as a freelance writer.  I won the Editor's Chice Award 2009 for my series on the Cedar Rapids flood victims.

In Monday Night Flight Club, you will meet an ensemble of unforgettable characters you will want to remember and experience more than one time. As the 25 year editorial editor of a state's largest newspaper said, "I cared about Presley from the first page, and I usually don't care about the characters personally. At the end of the book I cared about several of them. Keep writing," And I will.

I have written more than sixty-six "legacy stories" in a nonfiction book "Lady's Slightly Exaggerated and Fractured Family Tales" which is being edited at this time.

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