Joy Kaimaparamban

My real name is John Joseph and assumed ‘Joy J. Kaimaparamban’ as the pen name.

I was born on October 1939 in a middle class family of Kerala, the south most state of India.

After education I became a schoolmaster. Worked in several Kerala government schools teaching English language in middle school classes and retired in 1995. Now residing at Vayalar, a beautiful lakeside village in Alappuzha (Alleppey) district with my wife and two children.

From early childhood I acquired the habit of reading. It grew into the craze of reading all kinds of books, fiction and non-fiction. I could read so many works of the old masters when I was in high school classes. Afterwards I read creations of modern writers. Because of the reading habit, my studies were badly affected by it. Wrote several books including works for children in Malayalam, my mother tongue. Two novels received awards.

Book(s) By Joy Kaimaparamban

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