John Hobbs

I learned the 5 things all successful inventors do before spending much time or any $ developing a new idea and the process they use to make a profit. I then wrote a book with the step-by-step instructions that will save you lots of time and boat loads of money getting your ideas to market so if you are an inventor you become profitable.

John R Hobbs learned success from having struggled for years and wasting tens of thousands of dollars on services that were not needed when he received them, plus almost going bankrupt in the process.

While working through the invention process of taking his concept to market he met thousands of struggling inventors and discovered a unique approach that will help them reach their dream. Most inventors only have part of the formula for successful. In The Secret of Successful Inventors, John divulges the missing pieces necessary to attract resources needed to bring inventions from ideas to reality.


Scores of successful inventors were interviewed for this book and their secrets are shared with the reader.


"I am committed to educating other inventors so they do not make the mistakes I did. The tools I suggest can work for you!" John R. Hobbs

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