John Haines

John Haines was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario. He now lives with his family in New Zealand’s lightly populated and stunning subtropical Far North. He’s lived in The Netherlands (twice), Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Mexico and Arizona, together with his first 25 years in Ontario, Canada. He met his beautiful Dutch wife Lucia in India during an 11 month period in the Himalayas.


John Haines is living the simple life he sought, as he describes in his recently released book, In Search of Simplicity: A True Story that Changes Lives. He is currently writing a sequel to the aforementioned book, another book on natural health and he's creating an anthology of inspiring sound workers. John Haines’ popular weekly radio program, Voices from the North, simultaneously carried on radio and cable TV, involves one hour interviews with people from all walks of life. John’s intention on the program is to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the public.

He teaches nutrition at a community college and helps coordinate a Complementary Therapies program at the same college. He offers workshops (he calls them Playshops) in yoga, voice, sound and expression for the Far North community and beyond. He writes on demand for local newspapers, relieves when needed in the public library, and grows healthy and abundant organic fruits and vegetables for his family. John is a singer/songwriter who has recorded three peace songs while living in the Netherlands.

Earlier in life he lived a self sufficient permaculture-based lifestyle in New Mexico, working with solar power and simple hand-made solar technology. He converted a seven hectare subtropical fruit orchard to organics at the top of New Zealand’s South Island and he and his wife developed and ran a Natural Health Retreat Centre in New Zealand’s Far North.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from McMasterUniversity in Hamilton, Ontario and an MBA from YorkUniversity in Toronto, Ontario, and is a qualified teacher of Touch for Health through the International College of Kinesiology in Zurich and The Power of Sound with internationally renowned voice teacher Chris James of Australia.

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