John G Rees

After the death of his father and that of a close friend, john found the release he was loooking for and started writing. Born in the Midwest some half-century ago to two soon-to-be morticians, one can see where his ‘dead pan’ humor truly came from. Playing amongst the caskets and his catholic school upbringing underscore much of his work.

He went through many types of employment. Moving west first to San Francisco, finally making his home in the Hawaiian Islands, john worked in many diverse, yet tangent fields: from the repair of Ferraris to the repair of underwater dock pilings; painting houses to painting ship zincs; general construction to general salvage on many sized ships - working out of Pearl Harbor for a while, on Navy vessels, some top secret.

He has traveled the world looking for work and play in out of the way places. Never finding what he expects. He likes it that way.

He has been happily married for 20 years.



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