Joan E. Gosier

Oh...about me.  I am much more than a resume or curriculum vitae,  yet I declare that I am finally free.  

Well I used to have an inside joke going shortly after graduating from HBCU Hampton University and observing how things seemed to work in corporate America...I used to say to my fellow black colleagues, "I aint trying to be Harriet Tubman or anything but..." and then I would give some words of appropriate career wisdom acquired during my years as
INROADS intern for a regional bank and growing up with older than average parents and siblings in my family.  

Funny as I reflect back on those pivotal years, I guess I do share a common interest with the late great Harriet Tubman in passionately desiring to uplift our community.  This true interest in which I have found is a HIT OR MISS in finding like minded souls.  I admit that I seem to know or am connected to a whole lot of people...but 90% are in self preservation mode... meaning they just are too overwhelmed in their corporate careers or family circumstances to think about anyone
or anything outside of their J-O-B and H-O-M-E.

No...I don't dare realistically put myself on the level of Harriet Tubman outside of this web page and my flippant commentary on my past jobs, but I must admit...I often resort to her memory for strength, encouragement and endurance right along with the word of God.  I can't possibly live the self-less lifestyle and even imagine the TRUE life and death of an American slave.  However, these tales and my daily new revelations bring me closer and closer to a better understanding of...  

THE TRUTH.  Many of us are slaves and are unaware of the modern day symptoms and symbols of bondage.

"Accomplished but Approachable."

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