Jeremy Elder

I am a 29 year old author from Southern Caifornia. I began writing in the fifth grade and won many state and national writing awards. After returning home from the United States Army I published my first book in 2008, The Topics of Heroes, that went on to sell over 5,000 copies. hailed that the book was "...the most controversial 56 pages you will ever read." On April 27th 2013 I will finally be publishing the sequel to my groundbreaking novel called Topics Too. In the Winter of 2013 the first novel in the spin-off trilogy called Topics Of Agi will release with its sequels The Topics of Reggie and The Topics of Reeve coming in 2014 and finally all tying back into the original trilogy with the final book releasing Spring 2015. In December of 2012 I launched thru my marketing company, Infamousworks llc, one of the most successful independent author viral campaigns ever with In addition we put out a weekly podcast every Sunday that takes you behind the scenes of the upcoming novel and interviews with other artists.

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