Jenn Topper

Our imaginations haven’t withered with our attention spans. I don’t want to get caught decrying technology and change or else I will become exactly what I rebel against. And I’m perfectly ok with ending my sentences in prepositions, so you can stick that rule up your ass.
Ripping off Dr. Seuss’ style, I write because it makes me think. I write for readers because I like to tell stories. The readers I hope to write for like to read because it makes them think. Thinking is good. Following like sheep is not good. Wearing the uniform of a movement is for sheep. Being the movement reflects independent thought. And mostly I don’t give a shit about what my hair looks like.
I will stand up in a crowded room and quack like a duck to contribute to a dialogue to change minds. There is always a cause to champion or fight. Without the fight, why the fuck are we here?
I write, think and quack for my two beautiful, perfect and brilliant little boys.. It is my job to show them that they can change the world and paint it blue.
I was a professional chef. I was a boxer. I formed my own record label, and then went bankrupt. I tried to make films. I am a corporate sellout now. I wrote about these ridiculous experiences in 29 Jobs and a Million Lies. I wrote a cookbook without any recipes. I write and regularly publish articles about legal marketing, of all things. I write a blog about writing and publishing, or not publishing. I write a live diary of a fictional character losing his mind. I I I I I I I I I I I I I. Enough.

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