Janis Rafael

My name is Janis Rafael. I own the rights to the book entitled, Decline and Fall of All Evil. I am not the author. The author passed away in 1991. Since 1959 Seymour Lessans had been trying to bring a major discovery to light, but to no avail. Unfortunately, he was not a member of a leading university and held no distinguishing titles, which became a stumbling block. I recently compiled 7 of his books all related to the same topic in the hope that these concepts would be made easier to understand. Before he died, he gave me 12 tapes where he read his 6th book, Beyond the Framework of Modern Thought. I recently had these tapes converted to an mp3. People can now hear, for the first time, the first chapter and read along with him as he reads and elaborates on the principles involved. It is my hope that this knowledge will be given a thorough investigation by scientists and stamped with the brevet of truth in the 21st century.

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