Jackie Capers-Brown

Hello O'Brave One,

I am the CEO of Grow Forward & Flourish Training and Consulting and the founder of "The Brave New You Project."

I am a "Champion of Possibility." 

I help individuals develop empowering perspectives about who they are, who they can become, what they are smart and strong enough to handle, and what they are worthy of experiencing in life so they can become catalysts for positive change in their families, workplaces, community, and our world. 

My ability to go from earning minimum wage to become an award-winning leader of high-performance teams and million dollar businesses during my 20+ year corporate career had much to do with my faith, a passionate determination to succeed, and a willingness to do what I'd never done to get what I'd never had. I'm not implying this was always easy. Nevertheless, it is necessary when you make a conscious choice to uplevel your lifestyle.

Did you know that you are destined to live, love, and lead bravely? Your ability to do so requires that you become comfortable with discomfort while you expand your "courage-zone".

My strengths and diverse experiences provide value to individuals and teams who are seeking the support of a strategic and results-oriented mentor, teacher and trainer. 

Your challenge is being open to receiving support from someone who will hold you accountable to grow, achieve results and lead with impact. In the face of your fears, uncertainty and self-doubt, you will have to initiate purpose-driven actions on a consistent basis to create forward progress. You can do this!

Next Steps: Join my online community at www.jackiecapersbrownblog.com. Ignite the brave within you by questioning any limiting assumptions you have about what's possible in your life. Read my book, "Get Unstuck Now", which is available on Amazon.com. Stay tuned for details about my upcoming LIVE and online training events in 2016.



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