J.S. Patterson

J.S. Patterson obtained an out-of-the-ordinary array of experiences from travels around the world. Growing up in South Africa on a secluded plot, he and his family eventually made the averse decision to leave their home. The corrupted political powers and unsafe conditions forced the Pattersons to immigrate to the Czech Republic and start life anew. Several years later, after having become acquainted with the culture and lifestyle of the Slavic society, he decided that it was time to make another move, this time to a country closer to his roots. Canada was the next logical choice. With a status of international student, he secured a life in the province of Alberta.
In all his travels and experiences gained, he soon realised that he had a unique occurrence in his life, one which needed to be voiced. Ever since childhood, the author had been inspired by nightly dreams and frequent nightmares. He finally decided to sooth the active subconscious by putting its yearning to-be-heard on paper, as one continuous motion. The Mural Chronicles are a conglomerate of such dreams and nightmares that the subconscious brought to life. Some, who had heard and read the stories, said these to be visions and predictions to be. Others said these to be depictions like that on a mural of inimitable thoughts and controversies.
This chronicle offers a bird's eye view into the mind of the author. It is for the reader to decide if it is a work of fiction or vision.

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