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Big Bobby Boom! and the Marble Mayhem Author: Gregg Seeley born August 9 1968 Vancouver British Columbia Canada has written articles in PassionParent online magazine and other publications, and has become an advocate for the anti-bullying movement. Gregg Seeley's 'Big Bobby Boom! And The Marble Mayhem' is the first in a new action packed humour fiction series for ages 9-12 on the subject of bullying. Gregg also has had the great pleasure in promoting the novel on Rock 106.9 Ottawa Ontario, Canada Virgin radio’s morning show “Rude awakening” Rogers Daytime living Ottawa television with Derick and TL and with Angie Poirier on A-morning television. He has also visited a number of schools and libraries that have responded marvellously well by ordering numerous copies.

Gregg Seeley experienced growing up in many different places in Canada, meeting all kinds of interesting characters along with the not so pleasant encounters of bullies. Inspiration for the Big Bobby Boom! series.
Gregg Seeley currently resides in the Ottawa area (Rockland) Ontario Canada with wife Jen, sons Liam and Harrison along with demanding family cat Sno-ball.

Now officially retired from proudly serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, a brief career as a supply teacher, a butcher, a pre-hospital care facilitator with the Red Cross, Gregg now works with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and robustly pursues writing further additions to the Big Bobby Boom! series.

Gregg's greatest influences in Writing kids books came from stories I told my kids and from reading the hilarious Gordon Korman, Robert Munsch, Roald Dahl and the book 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. I also like Judy Blume's Fudge series for sure, and who can forget Harry Potter.
Author: Gregg Seeley
Publisher: Moosehide Books
ISBN: 978-1-894650-75-5
Reading Level: Ages 9-12

Listen up readers ages 9-12

If you like humour, action, adventure and especially mischief check this book out! Big Bobby Boom! and the Marble Mayhem just published by Moose Hide Books.

The Boolachecks rule the town and the Muldoons are their henchmen. That is the way it has been for several generations. Nobody has ever taken a stand or even bothered to challenge the order of things until Elliot Blue moves to town and shortly after comes cousin Jimmy ‘the slick’.
Elliot Blue is the typical ‘picked on’ kid with a penchant for self-preservation. He’s the one that most can identify with, the smart one who runs, hides and hopes that the bullies won’t come looking for him in the chess club, school band or washroom. Jimmy ‘the slick’ Blue, on the other hand, is the extroverted smart guy who doesn’t look for trouble but when it finds him he’s pretty quick to come up with ingenious ways of dealing with it. In essence he’s the one that all bullied kids wish they could be or at least have a friend like him.
Geared for the reluctant and inquisitive reader, between 9-12, Big Bobby Boom! and the Marble Mayhem depicts how life can be a nightmare for some and a great opportunity for others..

“Sometimes, being an undersized brainy kid can really stink. No one knows this better than eleven year old Elliot Blue who finds himself thrust into a new school, in a new town where just within the first few days he has managed to make himself a target of the self proclaimed school bully ‘Big Bobby Boolacheck (Big Bobby Boom!) and hench-boys Booker and Biff Muldoon. Elliot’s life is going from bad to worse.
Luckily for Elliot, a cousin from the big city is coming to live with them for awhile. Soon enough the perfectly ordered town of Bunsel, that had been terrorized by the Boolachecks would experience something it had never encountered before. A triple threat with a backbone, a warped sense of humour and a genius mind . . . meet eleven year old super prankster Jimmy ‘the slick’ Blue.”
Together the soon to be infamous duo of Prankster and Brainiac are about to bring whole new brand of justice to the mean streets and playgrounds of Bunsel and go head to head with the nasty trio of Big Bobby Boom! and hench boys Booker and Biff.

Big Bobby Boom! and the Marble Mayhem is an easy to read fun-filled page turner for anyone who likes birthday party crashing, hockey hi-jinx, baseball bloopers and watching a bully unwittingly eat a hot pepper pie.
Big Bobby Boom! and the Marble Mayhem can be ordered through Moosehide books. ( or can be ordered through any Chapters, Indigo or Coles Chapters Online Bookstore. It can also be ordered through any independent bookstore worldwide by contacting 

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