Mexican and father. Communication Graphic Designer  graduate of UAM Atzcapotzalco. Visual Artist  of Photoshop by conviction and not by self-designation.

Author of THE ALMANACO, Mexico al chile 2 y Mexico al Chile (Aguilar, 2012). Writer, broadcaster and imitator of more than 100 voices, has given voice to cartoons celebrities and even politicians of all parties and colors. He has collaborated with political humor in various media such as La Crónica de hoy, emeequis, Milenio Semanal, Milenio Diario QRR section, WRadio, ADN Político and currently in the program Trend In Boga in Efekto Noticias, in Gangsters Vs Charros at Noticias MVS  and Chilango.com site.

Creator of @Werevertufox, the political fiction series RATS WARS, the shirts FREE, S.A., @NosLlevaelDiablo, the “Teatro del Dedazo“ (Handpick Teather) puppet theater mix with fingers and thick fingers of politics. Chiles Medios  Director and LA MALA (THE BAD): magazine, radio and TV, blogs MACnzaneros.com.mx For Apple lovers, ARTEson.MX  on art and technology and portal  UNOSTACOS.com.mx encompassing all its likes and dislikes about culture, music, film, sports, technology and shows with a bit of humor and spice.

With so many projects he´s not following with the idea of ​​selling mole on Sundays.

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