Evie T. McDuff Evie T. McDuff

Evie T. McDuff is a care provider specializing in services to the mentally ill and Life Coach in training. Her personal experiences with domestic violence, from the death of her best friend’s mother to the generational cycle of abuse she witnesses today, are what led Evie to dedicate her work to helping women in abusive relationships.
With the release of Don't Play in the Sun (Breaking the Chains, Book 1) McDuff adds published author to her resume. Since childhood, McDuff has sought solace in the written word, first penning rainy day poems and now authoring a multi-book series that explores the dynamics of abusive relations across the generations.
McDuff’s goal is to help women and men to delve into the heart of their issues. To become wide open with where they are from, where they are and where they’re going. Evie wants them to seek wisdom, understanding and their own truth’s with no dissimulation so that for themselves and their children, they can one day soon commit to making a change.
Inspired by the financial, physical and mental abuse/ ordeals of loved ones as well as her own personal experience with a debilitating illness, McDuff uses writing and word imagery to construct compelling, thought-provoking stories about finding healing to soul-deep and physical wounds.
Born and raised in East Orange, New Jersey, McDuff now resides in Beaufort, South Carolina with her husband. To learn more about Evie T. McDuff, visit her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/evietmcduff

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