Erkkie Harris Wells

Erkkie Harris-Wells is a trichologist and the founder and director of Miyohara International Trichology Clinic in Costa Mesa, California. One of the most sought-after trichologists in the United States, she diagnoses and treats hair and scalp disorders and has the scientific tools and training to help men and women who are struggling with hair loss.

Mrs. Wells was the first trichologist accepted into the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and is a former Adjunct Member of the ISHRS, the first in the United States.

When asked about her desires for the future of trichology, Erkkie envisions universities offering a complete medical degree encompassing the full spectrum of trichology. Trichology is a scientific study worthy of the respect of any medical profession, and the standards of this profession should be elevated to an academic study, validating its standing as a scientific endeavor. In no small way, Erkkie's dedication and love for this profession is having an indelible impact on the accomplishment of that dream.

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