Edmund Fitzgerald

Born in Greenwich (London, UK) I began my professional life as a trainee accountant for an emblematic, though now defunct, airline. I spent the next quarter of a century gnawing my way up the corporate food chain, ascending to the agreeable billet of country manager to the Spanish branch of a successful software house. Having honed my creative writing talents on a myriad of mellifluous emails, inspired management reporting and imaginatively worded submissions as to why sales targets were not being met, I decided to go the whole hog and immerse myself full-time in the world of fiction writing. Your ComeUppance and The AQALAN Initiative are the first of my novels to hit the virtual bookshelves. Madrid has been my home for much of the last fifteen years. Due to the precarious and mostly impecunious nature of my new-found profession, I have redoubled my resolve not to marry, not to have kids, and not to own a Mercedes.

Book(s) By Edmund Fitzgerald

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