Dylan Morrison

Hi I’m Dylan Morrison, an Irish author and blogger now living in Lincoln, a beautiful, historic, cathedral city in the east of England. I write for all who are seeking a spirituality that will satisfy the deep questioning that lies at the centre of their being. Having lived as an extremely zealous, dogma based Christian for much of my early life, Divine Love unexpectedly intervened, visiting me in my all too human brokenness by means of two mystical experiences. I suppose you could call me a recovering, religious junkie. I believe that ‘Abba’, the Divine Father, as intimately described by Yeshua the Nazarene, is this Ultimate Reality – the answer to our deepest longing viz, the longing for Love, belonging and wholeness. Mysticism is rarely spoken of in the commercially driven marketplace of modern Christianity. The experience of Spirit or Holy Breath has largely been replaced by a quasi religion more akin to the razzle-dazzle entertainment industry than authentic spirituality. I hope that you’ll be encouraged as you join me in my continuing openness to and discussion of Spirit encounters. Let your religious pre-conceptions fall away and you’ll find that the reality of Divine Love will meet you in your weakness.

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