Dr. Mumbo Jumbo

“Be One, The Waymaker” (Byron Lenair Baker), works as an independent business consultant, musician and writer. His livelihood and passions all revolve around storytelling. He takes pride in being one of the voices for wood brown indigenous Amerindians, whose stories are too often misrepresented or lost in “his-story”. The goal of his stories is to inspire people to create their own stories about how sharing love saves our past, present and future! He is the world’s first self-proclaimed self-credentialed doctor of Mumbo Jumbo-ology! The short story series “Dr. Mumbo Jumbo’s Little Stories for Big people!” is designed for all who still have their childlike curiosity and wonder. Byron Lenair is also registered as an Amerindian with the Foundation of Indigenous Americans of Anasazi Heritage (FIAAH) as well as a member of the sovereign Yamassee Nation of Florida.

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