Diane Johnson

My name is Diane E. Johnson and I live in Chicago, IL. with my husband, Lucius Johnson, Sr. We were blessed with three sons, Lucius, Jr., Carl, and Joey. In 1986 our oldest son Lucius, Jr., was diagnosed with HIV. By 1996, the illness had developed into full blown AIDS.
Unfortunately, on Oct 1, 1999, at the age of 33, our son Lucius, Jr., passed away. With those days behind me, I only hope that I may be able to show others caring for a loved one with a long term illness, or just taking care of themselves, that keeping accurate health records is extremely beneficial. This record keeping allows the caregiver to give appropriate care in time of need.
After this difficult time in our lives, my husband and I realize that keeping a health journal was first foremost a smart choice. I have continued to keep a journal for my husband and myself for the last 13 years, and those records are invaluable.

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